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8:13am 10-28-2014
Martin Bourne
Hi guys...I was much impressed by your 6mm vitoria simulation at Fiasco. If you recall, I was destroying France's chances with my inexpert die rolling! I was so engrossed that I fear I left a couple of bags full of wargaming goodies behind. You didnt happen to pick up a bag full of mdf hills and another with a couple of books in when you were packing up did you?
2:04pm 07-30-2014
I cannot get your contact link to work.
Where do you meet and what time??
Looks like fun
11:58am 03-23-2012
falcata miniatures
I can send links of our company figures, and our figure painting service. I hope you are to your liking
Thanks for your attention
Hermogenes Sainz
12:34pm 05-17-2011
Do you guys play Warhammer 40k as me and a friend would like to start gaming on 40k nice website as well.
8:06am 10-22-2010
suzy I see..excellent...
7:45pm 09-15-2007
This is such a nice page! I love your design and everything! Anne.
9:06pm 06-30-2006
I P Freely
This website is way better then any other wargames website i've been on.
8:28am 06-09-2006
Thanks for great site,very usefule!!!Cool design!
1:06pm 05-10-2006
Nice site guys, hope all is well, from sunny Sri Lanka, keep up the "good" work. Save the choc chip cookies for me?
11:59am 02-08-2006
N. Bone-Apart
Best Wargames site I have looked at.

- Today
Replied on: 8:58pm 02-08-2006

Thanks for your support... the cheques in the post!